iComfort vs Tempur-Pedic: Which Mattress Wins? Ratings & Reviews

iComfort vs Tempur-Pedic: Which Mattress Wins? Ratings & Reviews. You'll discover many versions and even more degrees of firmness. All have gel-infused memory foam in addition to a six-inch foam foundation.

Serta is being the biggest mattress firm in the U.S., its expertise provides many advantages.
This really is the one should you enjoy a mattress that conforms to your body. It offers support for back and your neck. Alleviation of pressure points leaves you pain free and refreshed in the early hours, particularly if you have problems with back pain.
We’ve additionally discovered the iComfort to come together with the movement isolation typical of memory foam. There’s little distraction if your partner moves in bed.
Other advantages include border support. In case you sleep close to the border, it’s difficult to roll off the bed. The support and foundation layer, on the flip side, are perfect in the event you are in an average weight range. However, it breaks in fast and there’s no sound during motion.
We experienced no off-gassing, although a tiny fraction of owners that were iComfort say when the mattress is fresh, there’s a chemical smell.

iComfort vs Tempur-Pedic mattress reviews
iComfort vs Tempur-Pedic mattress reviews

The iComfort Slumber System

Serta stands out in a different place. Its Interactive Booklet supplies insight into every one of the versions available. A strong emphasis on attributes allows you to evaluate which version has what you require. There’s additionally the mattress that is iComfort Selector. You are assisted by the Serta Evaluation Rest program before and while you’re shopping.

Example Products

The Aura EFX begins at $1,275 for a queen. And $850 for a twin size It's nine inches thick with two inches of a six inch foam as well as gel memory foam foundation layer. There’s additionally.75 inches of routine foam. It's satisfied for all sleeping postures.
A queen, the for at $1,575 Savant Everfeel Plush has two memory foam layers. Routine foam and two It's a moderate-soft feel, while the Pillow Company version supplies a medium firm feel for front and back sleepers for precisely the same price point.
It's greatest for side sleepers. A business version adapts back sleepers considerably better.
The person version and size are the primary cost variables. The cost can be added by including a basis too. Depth and the more memory foam there's, the higher priced the mattress will be.
On average, a queen size prices close to $1,900.

TempurPedic: Does It Stand Up to Every One Of the Hoopla?

Its products in many cases are a little more pricey compared to those of rivals, however there are lots of advantages. For one, fulfillment and lifespan over several years is mattresses in general.
Longevity is an established variable in versions including Grand and Allura that have been around some time. There are many versions that are newer. Regardless of this, their specifications indicate their lifespan will undoubtedly be somewhat similar.
In comparison with high-end versions from Serta, Sealy, and Simmons, there's an edge here too.

Mattresses in this brand often soften over time. Some sagging occurs over several years also. All these aren't likely to occur within four years. Actually, fewer Tempurpedic customers report early sagging than with spring mattresses.


The brand is famous for its high quality memory foam stuff. An atmosphere/memory foam hybrid vehicle, the exceptional Tempurpedic Selection is somewhat immune to softening over time. Its air support reduces the probabilities of sagging. Fundamental memory foam sets contain Flex, and Contour, Cloud, Selection, which come in a wide selection of conventional versions.


For a lot of, back, joint, shoulder, and hip pain relief are seen, notably with the higher density Contour versions. Not everyone experiences pain alleviation, yet, but Tempurpedic performs better than other mattresses in this place. Various foam densities are offered to select from.
Minimal sound, better sleep, and movement isolation are other experts.

A Couple Of  Drawbacks

Off gassing is the most typical criticism. A higher rate of individuals report a musty or substance, smell than with most other mattresses. For most versions, it’s not normally that powerful. A lot of folks really report minimal smell or none.
Wind versions feature relaxation, layer and a cover stuff to lessen heat trapping.
When cooler, higher density models are usually more solid. The mattresses can make getting off the bed or moving around though. Some newer versions are much less immune to motion, although this is really a characteristic of memory foam products total.


Cost is a problem, although we concur that these are worth the purchase price, for the large part. SLTD reported cost was mentioned by more individuals as their main criticism than with any other leading brand. Longevity, relaxation, and quality appear to compose the difference.

What is the Verdict?

In the struggle of iComfort vs. Tempur Pedic, it depends on the memory foam mattress you find the most appropriate. If you’re adjusting support and looking for longevity, Tempurpedic offers many advantages to people who will afford the higher price.