Tempurpedic Vs. Sleep Science: Mattress Comparison

Tempurpedic Vs. Sleep Science: Mattress Comparison. It can feel like there are several choices when it's the right time to get a brand new mattress. Each business has their particular advantages and drawbacks and this comparison ought to assist you to find the correct one.

Tempurpedic Vs. Sleep Science: Mattress Comparison
Tempurpedic Vs. Sleep Science: Mattress Comparison

This business is known by everyone as the one which brought the United States memory foam beds and worked with NASA. Tempurpedic was the one who began selling memory foam beds and they've actually grown and expanded their offerings over time.
They began with one type of mattress and a single type of memory foam but now they've brand new memory foam technology and three distinct lines of mattresses. Together with the various mattresses that they've, in addition, they sell memory foam pillows, mattress toppers, adjustable bed bases, and sometimes even bedding.

Tempur Flex

This is a Tempurpedic’s latest line of mattresses and it features the memory foam that is most receptive. Conventional memory foam can occasionally take several seconds to react to the contours of your own body or pressure, but with this particular line of beds the answer is a lot faster. It's possible for you to select from three various kinds of mattresses in this line to discover what works best.


This provides the most solid mattresses out of all of the others and is the first line from Tempurpedic. In the event that you still desire the comfort of memory foam and desire more support, this is going to be the mattress that you would like to take a look at. There are five distinct beds to select from in this range.


All these really are the softest mattresses that Tempurpedic provides. They supply the support of memory foam, nevertheless they combine it using an extremely soft, so it almost feels as if you're sleeping on a cloud topping. In the event you enjoy a truly soft mattress you'll want to pick from one of these six mattresses.


They've become known for putting out merchandises and quality beds, which means you're getting what you pay for. It's possible for you to attempt bed clothes, bed bases, a mattress topper, or a pillow for less money when compared to a complete mattress.

Pros As Well As Cons

Among the best things about picking a Tempurpedic bed is they enable you to try out the mattress for 90 days just before you choose to buy the bed. This provides you with a great opportunity to determine if this really is actually the bed for you. In addition to the 90-day trial, additionally they have a 10-year limited guarantee, so if something does go wrong under the conditions of the guarantee you may have your bed.
Tempurpedic additionally just makes memory foam beds, thus you should need to search elsewhere if you needed something that unites both memory foam and coals or some different sort of hybrid vehicle.

Sleep Science makes and mainly sells memory foam mattresses, nevertheless they also have expanded into creating beds with the most recent sleeping technology, including adjustable bed stands, latex beds, and gel memory foam.
There are various varieties within every one of these groups along with six distinct lines of mattresses. Sleep Science also has a sizable variety of sizes and they have a complete line of kids’s beds that characteristics as the bigger lines and use the same memory foam.

Memory Foam

They've chosen the standard memory foam and added technology and new inventions to make it better and much more comfy.
Along the face of the mattress, they use an angled wedge that's created of strong support foam.


Sleep Science has a line of beds that use latex rather than memory foam. These mattresses are for those who want to get a sleep surface that is natural. There are just two layers of latex in these types of beds.
Latex is a stuff that is highly durable and in addition it allows for high breathability. Additionally, it is supporting stuff and exceptionally receptive.


Determined by the sort of mattress you would like as well as the size you require, Sleep Science has a sizable selection of costs and sizes.
Pros as well as Cons
In case you are buying bed that'sn’t only memory foam sleep Science is a superb alternative. They also possess a great 20-year limited guarantee on their mattresses.
Since they're sold at Costco, the sole drawback to Sleep Science is, you'd need to really have a membership to the store before you buy them in order to try out the mattresses.


Tempurpedic is definitely going to be your best bet in the event you'd like the top quality memory foam from a brand you could trust. Have a look at Sleep Science in the event that you'd like to attempt something aside from memory foam and need to maintain your funding somewhat lower.