HOSPACE 2019 | 28th November 2019


Here are a few delegate comments from previous HOSPACE events:

"If you are in the hospitality sector; if you are in the field of IT, Finance and Revenue Management you should be thinking of coming to HOSPACE" Steve Cassidy, Hilton UK & Ireland
"All the panelists have been great and taking the first one as an example, great ideas from lead figures in the industry like - need for a tourism minister and campaign for reduced vat. The breadth and depth of delegates is great."
"It was a great opportunity to network and felt the industry was well represented as a whole and attendance excellent. There were key decision makers in attendance."

"I thought it was excellent, had never been to an event like this before and grateful to my employer for giving me the opportunity."
"Just a quick line to congratulate you on the 2015 HOSPACE, which I thought was a triumphant success.  You really have raised the bar most noticeably since I last attended, which, undoubtedly, is down to a lot of hard work by you and your team."
"Very good and a good cross section of industry. Many thanks to the HOSPA team."

"A very productive day, charming organisation, great venue, superb lunch."

"Thanks to you and your team for yet another superb conference . My team came back literally buzzing with ideas and they were inspired by a number of the speakers to look at new opportunities for the business. We are fortunate to attend a number of events annually and this one is the most professionally organized with the best content. Well done and keep up the good work."