Inspirational Finance Leader of The Year Award.
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Inspirational Finance Leader of The Year Award

Following on from its 2019 awards ceremony success, HOSPA will be awarding the Inspirational Leader Awards at the association’s annual HOSPACE 2021 Conference and Exhibition Gala Dinner on the18th of November at the Royal Lancaster London.

What does it take to be HOSPA’s Finance Inspirational Leader of the Year? The nominations must:

• Have an exemplary track record 

• Are willing to train and lead their staff 

• Are totally dedicated to the hospitality industry, with the intention of remaining in the profession 

• Can demonstrate strong attention to detail 

• Can keep abreast of current codes of practice 

• Command respect within the hospitality sector and wider 

If you know just the person why not nominate them for this prestigious award!

Thanks for submitting!

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