Hospace Conference 2021

10:40 - Introduction To Customer loyalty
Samantha Williams

Samantha Williams — Introduction to customer loyalty 

  • With Profitroom being a global company, we have a big overview of the world. The leisure industry, in particular, noticed almost a double ADR rate within some of the mid-market hotels.

  • Attracting new customers who are paying higher rates means there are higher expectations of service. The biggest challenge moving forward isn't what happens next year, It's the year after that.

  • We are encouraging hotels to segment their data as ‘people’ so you don’t price previous guests out of the market so it’s important to tailor your marketing.

  • Planning and communication: Hotels should be priced by demand. Planning and forecasting were very difficult this year due to consistent restrictions so we weren’t able to plan ahead.

  • Golf subscriptions and spa memberships are increasingly popular and hotels are starting to think about the concept of room subscriptions — but it is still seldom seen in the industry.

  • Subscriptions can give guests access to negotiated rate plans and other rewards. They can then spend points through a form of loyalty scheme.

  • Cornwall was overrun this summer, with no restaurant tables or hotel rooms available. It illuminated the idea that working smarter is key. Multi Skilling and moving departments are simple techniques to be more efficient.

  • We are a provider for independent resorts and what we're seeing are more upsales thanks to personalised pricing as well as more bookings. We have seen an increase in conversion for repeat bookings of 13%.

  • Not all customers are triggered by added value and some are triggered by price. The biggest thing hoteliers need to be aware of is to make sure you're not blanket marketing your whole database as that will result in a lack of engagement going forward.

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