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Inspirational Leader Awards 

Meet The Judges

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Andrew Evers

Andrew Evers, Group Director of IT, Rocco Forte

Andrew began working in tech in 1997 and then in 2008, where his tech path crossed with the high-intensity, pressured and prestigious world of hospitality, when his employer took a contact for a London hotel chain. Since then, Andrew has moved on and spent the best part of ten years with Red Carnation.


In 2014, Andrew and the team fully refurbished the world famous Ashford Castle, transforming it into one of Europe's most beloved resort hotels. Today, Andrew enjoys the role of Group Director of IT for Rocco Forte -famed for luxury boutique leisure hotels across Europe.


Andrew says he has been very lucky in his life to work in the tech space for some of the best loved hotels in the world. The challenge keeps ratcheting up with fierce competition and a confused marketplace. In the years following the covid crisis, and following a decade of perceived tech underinvestment, the entire industry is now host to one of the most aggressive re-teching programmes of any global industry. Now's the time to own the recovery and wield the change!

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