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Inspirational Leader Awards 

Meet The Judges

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Michael Heyward

Founder of Heyward Group

Michael Heyward is the Founder of “Heyward Group”, with offices in London, Paris and Melbourne, focusing on developing people and business performance. World class tools are used with individuals and teams, from behaviour profiling for career development, digitising business processes for improved productivity and Radical Collaboration workshops to transform the way teams work together.

Working at all levels: from Executives and General Managers, to coaching and mentoring with global corporations and entrepreneurs. A visiting Lecturer at Glion Institute of Higher Education since 2015, working with Graduate and Post Graduate students. Design and delivery of professional development, leadership and graduate programs for regional and international organisations.

Michael has over 25 years of experience in Hotel Operations, Revenue Management and education, across Europe, Middle East, India, Asia and the Pacific. With a proven record of delivering market out performance and developing teams of highly skilled, diverse, competitive people, working in complex environments.


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