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May 18th 2015 | A Digital Day at HOSPACE 2014


HOSPACE 2014 confirmed that daylight is finally emerging from years of recession, as the UK hotel industry at last has a really positive story to tell - with 80% of our HOSPACE delegates polled believed the UK hotel market was now out of recession, and 88% said that they planned to invest next year in hospitality technology.

You will read elsewhere in this issue about the hotel industry updates we received on the day but I did find the update from Peter Martin of CGA Peach refreshing - where Peter reviewed the top five trends in the Retail F&B/High Street Market, with one being the battle for digital-savvy consumers on the prowl for their next dining experience in all kinds of different digital channels.

I found it fascinating listening to three different HOSPA Members (previously Student members) talk to Debra Adams about how our Professional Development Courses (ETP’s) had helped them in their careers and working life – very powerful stuff coming straight from the coal-face – suggesting there is still plenty of opportunity to learn and develop while working in the industry. Finance has known this for a while of course…but Revenue Management is really just switching on to what the HOSPA Revenue Management ETP can do for Revenue Managers today.


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