Specialist Hospitality Services Listings
On The Virtual Platform Site

This will be located on the virtual platform where we will carry supplier logos allocated to specific areas of provision, such as Professional Services, RMS, PMS and EPOS suppliers. Delegates can visit the specialist page to compare the different offerings on the market.

We will offer two types of listing. Each company taking a listing will also benefit from their logo being shown on the main platform banner for three seconds on a continuous loop.

Mini Exhibitor Booth / Listing

£1,000 +VAT

These will be logos, which when clicked on by delegates will be directed to the supplier’s own website or pre-designed company contact area. There will be full access to all listings for three days - 18th, 19th and 20th November.

One delegate pass is included with this package.

Mini Exhibitor Booth / Enhanced Listing

£1,750 +VAT

These will contain a larger, more prominent logo. Delegates can click on the logo to reach a bio page which will include interactive facilities including live chats and the ability to schedule meetings. In addition videos explaining the sponsor’s product, relevant resources, marketing material and links/contact info. This will stay live for three days.

One delegate pass is included with this package.

Virtual Exhibitor Spotlight With Mini Exhibitor Booth / Enhanced Listing

£3,250 +VAT for each ten second video (limited availability)

In order to encourage delegates to visit any exhibitor booth or listing, we are offering a limited promotional pop-up during the event which will be played on a ten second muted video as part of a continuous loop playing each five minutes on a main platform banner.

This will be visible by the whole core audience of virtual delegates so will be a high profile add-on and encourage engagement.

One delegate pass is included with this package.

One Page Editorial In The Conference Edition Of The Overview And Outside Back Cover Advertisement

£1,500 +VAT

The Overview is distributed to all delegates at Live HOSPACE and emailed to all HOSPA members even if they are not attending HOSPACE

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