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Ahead of the event - Social guidelines and post examples:

- We’re delighted to be sponsoring @HOSPA’s #HOSPACE2022 event on the 17th November. It’s
certainly not an event to be missed for the #Hospitality sector - register today at:

- @HOSPA’s #HOSPACE2022 will be discussing critical topics and sharing expert advice on future success in #Hospitality. We’re proud to be sponsoring this event - join us on November 17th and register today:

- Now, more than ever, professionals in #Hospitality need the expertise, techniques and systems in
place to drive business success, as well as enhance their own personal growth. @HOSPA’s event,
#HOSPACE2022 will be discussing this in great detail and it’s one not to be missed. Find out more
and register today:

- Registered for @HOSPA’s #HOSPACE2022 yet? Taking place at @RoyalLancaster in London on
November 17th, it is a must-visit event for all those in the #hospitality sector. Find out more and

On the day - Socal guidelines and post examples:

*We recommend you post questions and conversations using the #HOSPACEBuildingFutureProsperity hashtag
during the discussions, you’re sponsoring/taking part in. 
Please post on the day using #HOSPACEBuildingFutureProsperity

- Ensure you don’t miss @HOSPA’s #HOSPACEBuildingFutureProsperity starting today at 10am! See the full
programme at:

- What’s been your favourite part of @HOSPA’s #HOSPACEBuildingFutureProsperity so far? Share it with us below.

- Some great discussions taking place today during @HOSPA’s #HOSPACEBuildingFutureProsperity . Experts in the #Hospitality sector have been discussing and sharing insights and advice for recovery. See more at:

Below are a selection of images that can be used in the promotions.

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Promotion Graphic

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