Sponsors & Exhibitors Manual
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Key Dates

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Set Up Location - Westbourne Suite 

Access to the Westbourne suite is via the Westbourne Suite ramp located off Lancaster Terrace. This ramp must be strictly used for loading and unloading only. Vehicles must be removed once unloaded and the ramp must not be used for parking or storage neither must it be obstructed, in any way, during a function/event.

*Please note, the hotel main entrance may not be used for delivery under any circumstances. 


The Westbourne Suite

The Royal Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Terrace, London W2 2TY


We are able to offer a 10% discount off the best flexible rate available. on both 17th and 18th November. 


This can be accessed from the booking code: Hospace2021

Please visit www.royallancaster.com or email book@royallancaster.com

Advertising In The Overview

A quarter page advertisement in the event brochure is included (The Overview) in the Exhibitor’s Package. Deadline 25th October


Please submit finished copy in the following format to tristan.feltwell@hospa.org by 25th October:


  • JPEG or PDF format

  • ¼ page A4 = 133mm (h) x 90mm (w)

  • 300 dpi

  • CYMK colour PORTRAIT orientation

Car Parking

Car parking is available at the hotel on a first come first serve basis. Places can be reserved through the concierge. 

There are a number of car parks around the hotel with the quickest way of locating these by using 'Just Park'.

Collateral and Waste

Please consider the environment when bringing collateral to HOSPACE and please avoid leaving any excess materials behind for the hotel to dispose of. 

Conference Gala Dinner

The Conference Gala Awards Dinner will be held on Thursday 18th November.

* Exhibitor packages do not include a dinner ticket unless pre-booked with HOSPA please contact helen.marshall@hospa.org

As in previous years, the evening will include the Inspirational leader awards, where a nominated Finance, Revenue, Marketing and IT Professional and this year two further awards - COVID Hero, individual and Corporate. The nominees that are chosen will receive a prestigious award 


Dress code: Business, however, some guests prefer to dress up a little in the evening.

Contact Details

Before the event


Helen Marshall: helen.marshall@hospa.org

telephone 07796953221


Tristan Feltwell: tristan.feltwell@hospa.org

telephone 07526991127


During the event


Helen Marshall: helen.marshall@hospa.org

telephone 07796953221


Helen Rhodes : telephone 07748654646

Delegate Information

2 x day delegate tickets are included as part of your exhibitor package unless additional tickets have been pre-arranged by HOSPA. 


For additional tickets please contact helen.marshall@hospa.org 


Delegate registration details will be provided separately

Delivery & Collection

Deliveries for events will only be accepted 48 hours prior to the event, unless arranged otherwise with HOSPA. 


All packages being delivered for your event must be labelled correctly.  All packages being delivered must be labelled as shown below.








Please include Helen Marshall as Event Manager. 

Packages should be delivered to the Hotel through the Loading Bay, located on Lancaster Terrace, between 07:00 to 15:30 hours, Monday to Friday. 

Contact for delivery and collection 020 7551 6234, or 020 7551 6000 ext 7326
Email: eventboxes@royallancaster.com

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All allocated stand spaces have access to electricity sockets/power points either directly or via extension cables provided by the hotel. If you require additional sockets, please bring your own extension cable.


Please contact Helen.marshall@hospa.org if you wish to order screens or monitors for your stand. We need 14 days notice to provide this.


Exhibitors must ensure that all electrical displays comply with Local Authority Rules & Regulations.

Emergency Procedures

The Hotel has a comprehensive fire evacuation plan, which is approved by the Fire Brigade. All the Hotel Staff are regularly trained in all aspects of the plan and in actual firefighting. The Hotel also has a terrorist attack/bomb threat/suspect package procedure in which staff are also regularly trained and tested in training exercises.







1.       On the initial activation of the fire alarm, a designated fire team will attend the zone indicated and investigate. The alarm will be muted.

2.       If it is a false alarm or something of a minor nature, such as a discarded cigarette in a waste bin, the investigation team will deal with it there and then and the alarm will be reset.

3.       If it is more serious and becomes necessary to evacuate the Hotel, the fire alarm system will be re-activated. The continuous sounding of the alarm will indicate to EVERYONE that the Hotel is being evacuated.

4.       Staff will control the evacuation by indicating the fire exits to be used and directing people to the assembly point at the St James Church, Sussex Gardens.






1.       In the event of a terrorist attack/bomb threat/suspect package, the matter will be dealt with, as appropriate to the circumstances, by Management and the in-house Security Department. Police assistance will automatically be sought.

2.       If evacuation becomes necessary, the fire evacuation plan as outlined in A (3 & 4) above will be followed.



Covid update

Although the restrictions have been relaxed,  we are still very conscious and we are doing everything we can to mitigate the risk of infection.  Please see below some of the steps the Royal Lancaster London follow on a daily basis:


  • The hotel are encouraging guests to still wear face coverings while moving around the public areas of the hotel


  • Hand sanitizing stations are available in the public areas of the hotel.


  • Staff are wearing face coverings.


  • Handwashing and personal hygiene is trained and strongly encouraged.


  • Staff are continuing with our regular cleaning and sanitizing of all areas.


  • Air conditioning is put on in all areas with fresh air input and extract in the function suites.


  • Guests are encouraged to check in with the NHS track and trace QR code – residents and events guests.


  • Hotel staff are encouraged to take lateral flow testing every 2 days and are temperature checked on a daily basis when arriving for work.  

Exhibitor Booth Dimensions

Each exhibitor booth is an open-plan space of 3m x 2m (approximately)


Height of all stands restricted to 2.3m.


Each main exhibition stand space includes:

  • Electrical power, standard voltage

  • 1 x trestle-style table and 2 x conference-style chairs


It is suggested that Exhibitors bring “pop-up” stands as appropriate.  


Exhibitors should provide their own dividers or wall panels if they are required.  


Exhibitors are kindly requested to keep their exhibition display within the designated area and to ensure walkways are clear of obstacles at all times.


Poser tables will be spaced around the exhibition area for delegates to use for lunch and refreshment breaks.

Exhibition Booth Set-Up/Breakdown Timings


When you arrive at the Westbourne Suite you will be directed to the exhibitor area, where your table will be clearly labelled.


Set up from 6am - 8am.


Registration and exhibition opening 8.30am


Conference starts at 9am


This year we have extended the timings so that your booth can stay up during the drinks reception, which is in the exhibitor area, after the conference finishes at 6pm.


Please break down your booth when dinner is called at 7pm.


If you are staying for the awards dinner, please break down before you sit down/ * Exhibitor packages do not include a dinner ticket unless pre-booked with HOSPA please contact helen.marshall@hospa.org


Please leave banners and small bags at the cloakroom. If your boxes are being collected by a courier please label clearly with the relevant reference numbers/barcodes and leave them in front of your exhibitor booth table. They will be taken to the loading bay by the Royal Lancaster team.


If you are not staying for dinner, please depart after 7pm and ensure everything is fully labelled if it is being collected by a courier at a later date.

Please note, any items or packages must be removed after the event and no items stored at the Hotel. Any items left in the hotel for more than 48 hours after the event will be disposed of.

Event Address

The Westbourne Suite

The Royal Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Terrace, London W2 2TY


The exhibition area is open plan.  The furniture supplied is as follows:


  1. Exhibitors = One trestle-style table and two conference-style chairs - supplied free of charge


Poser tables will be spaced around the exhibition area for delegates to use for lunch and refreshment breaks.


Please contact hospa@hospa.org if you wish to order screens or monitors for your stand.

Hotel Property

Damage to the fabric of the Hotel, including carpets and walls will be charged, to the client or their exhibitors, at the full repair and replacement value, when such damage has been caused by the negligence of the client, its representatives or its guests and servants.


This particularly applies to contractors involved in the construction of exhibition booths, which must be free standing and not fastened to any walls or floors.


Whilst every precaution is taken to protect your property during the event, we are not responsible for any loss or damage and we recommend that you arrange insurance cover offered by specialist insurance companies.

You are also responsible for insuring against any legal liability incurred in respect of injury or damage to property belonging to third parties.  In addition to this, you should protect your expenditure against Abandonment and Cancellation Curtailment of the event due to reasons beyond our control.

Internet Access

Free Wi-Fi is available for all participants and delegates during the event.  This is for ‘normal’ use, should more bandwidth be required, this may be purchased at an additional cost via the hotel.   - Please note that if you require a hard-wired internet connection you must advise us at least 14 days in advance of the conference.

Information on assets needed for advertisements. listings and promotion of your stand at HOSPACE, including the virtual booth

Preface: All information about the Floorplan, Marketing toolkit, Virtual exhibitor booth specs and an online copy of this document can be found here: https://www.hospace.org/sponsors-exhibitors-important-info - The password for entry is ‘HOSPACE2021’


(1) Virtual Exhibitor Booth

The Exhibitor booth package includes a virtual exhibitor stand. Please see separate Virtual exhibitor booth specs document for assets needed and upload all to the following link. Deadline 18th October



(2) Listings in the Event Brochure and on the HOSPACE.org website

Please can you provide 50 words describing your organisation and what you will be exhibiting on your booth. Deadline 25th October


(3) Social Media

Please provide social media handles - which will be used to promote your booth during our event. Our event marketing tool kit can be used  to help promote your attendance at the event. Deadline 25th October. 


The Social Media/Marketing toolkit can be found here: https://www.hospace.org/sponsors-exhibitors-important-info


(4) Advertisement

A quarter page advertisement in the event brochure is included (The Overview) in the Exhibitor’s Package. Deadline 25th October



Please submit finished copy in the following format to tristan.feltwell@hospa.org by 25th October:


  • JPEG or PDF format

  • ¼ page A4 = 133mm (h) x 90mm (w)

  • 300 dpi

  • CYMK colour PORTRAIT orientation


(5) Logos

Please provide a Hi-Res copy of your logo as an EPS file and a PNG/JPEG file if we don't already have it.

Deadline 25th October

Lead Capture Facility

As an efficient way to gather contact details about visitors to your stand, we are offering name badge scanning via a secure event app - An Additional £140 for Exhibitors, Deadline November 4th


Royal Lancaster London will not accept liability for any loss or damage to any equipment or other goods brought to the Hotel by the client or its exhibitors.


Any valuable equipment (including computer and electrical equipment) should not be left on exhibition stands overnight. The hotel will not be liable for loss, theft or damage should the client or its exhibitors choose to ignore this direction. 


Should any contractor, sub-contractor or their staff cause any damage to the fixtures and fittings, equipment or utensils belonging to Royal Lancaster London or gusts the client or contractor will be held liable for any cost of repair. Royal Lancaster London Reserves the right to carry out a damage inspection at any time.

Noise Levels

Royal Lancaster London is subject to noise abatement orders therefore loading and unloading of vehicles, between the hours of 21.00hrs and 07.00hrs, must only take place via the Hotel’s Loading Bay on Lancaster Terrace.

Exhibitors are kindly requested to consider other Exhibitors and visitors to the event and keep the level of noise that any exhibit or display may emit to a minimum.


There will be a photographer and a videographer at HOSPACE. Each Exhibition booth will be photographed. Please contact HOSPA if you have any specific requests.


Whilst every endeavour is made to safeguard visitors’ and Exhibitors’ property, both personal and commercial, occasionally a loss may occur. Neither the Organisers nor the hotel can be held responsible for any loss or damage to Exhibitor’s property.  


Exhibitors are advised not to leave their stands unmanned during the show or during the set-up and breakdown periods or to leave valuables unattended.  Valuable items should be removed from the stand during unmanned hours.


The hotel does not have a designated storage area, so packages, boxes that need to be stored during the event, will have to be accommodated in the suite where tenancy that has been hired from client.  


The materials will be delivered to the designated suite(s) as required when tenancy commences on the event date. Where there is a large volume of materials that are required to be moved, we shall levy a handling charge of £250.00 ex VAT to the invoice to cover additional labour required.


All accumulated rubbish and debris must be removed from site. Under no circumstances must the Hotel’s rubbish compactor be used.  


Exhibitors are responsible for breaking down and packing away their booths and equipment.


Items and materials may be left for collection and materials must not be abandoned and left unattended in suites.

Upon collection the courier must provide the following information: the number of items they are collecting, which event they are collecting from and where the consignment is being returned to (including contact name of receiver, company name and full address).  


We will be unable to trace or issue materials if this number is not supplied when couriers call for collection.


The hotel will not be responsible for any items left in the suite at the end of an event, with the above procedure not being followed.


Any abandoned materials left in the suites, where arrangements for collection have not been made clear and where items remain uncollected after a period of 14 days will be disposed of by the hotel without notice. However the Events team will do their utmost to contact clients and inform that these are in storage.


Free Wi-Fi is available for all participants and delegates during the event. 


Network name: HOSPACE

Password: Hospace2021


Hard wired internet is available for sponsors & exhibitors should they wish at £250.00 + VAT for the first line with each subsequent line being £50.00 + VAT. 

Requests must be made directly to Gareth Bush (GBush@royallancaster.com) by Monday 1st November 2021

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