Hospace Conference 2021

14:30 - Sustainability - Business Transformation - The Big Picture
Sarah Duncan to interview Jo Finon

Sarah Duncan and Jo Finan — Sustainability - The big Picture

  • Sky has been carbon neutral since 2006 and sky sports started its sustainability journey in 2017. The non-recyclable materials involved in the production were significant.

  • Spurs v Chelsea was their first net zero carbon football match.

  • Sky scrutinises its supply chain intensely and has sustainability criteria such as:

    • Sky’s strategy is to work with all its 11,000 suppliers

    • They are not just judging suppliers on their offering, they are basing it off of how they run their business.

    • Carbon score can be affected by staying at hotels with a large carbon footprint — Sky now has to take this into account.

    • What can hotels do to help businesses like sky sports

      • It’s about transparency and providing facilities such as electric car charging stations and so on.

    • It’s now imperative that sustainability is considered not just for the planet but for the reputation of your business

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