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Inspirational Leader Awards FAQs

Who are the judges?

We have a panel of expert judges taken from a wide variety of industries related to hospitality. Each judge is allocated entries which match their areas of expertise.


Who are we looking for?

Nominees who have an exemplary track record; are willing to train and lead their staff; are completely dedicated to the hospitality industry; can demonstrate strong attention to detail; can keep abreast of current codes of practice; and command respect within the hospitality sector and wider business community. 

What is the deadline for entry?

You only have until  Saturday 31st August 2024 to promote our industry leaders.

How much is it to enter?

Nominations to the HOSPA Awards 2024 are complimentary.

What happens after I have entered?

Our panel of judges will then select a shortlist of three nominees per award. In mid September you will be informed if your entry has been shortlisted. Winners will be announced at our awards presentation event on 14th November at the Royal Lancaster London. We will also schedule a short video interview with each shortlisted candidate to play on the night.

When are winners announced?

At our gala dinner held at HOSPACE on 14th November at the Royal Lancaster London. You will need to book a ticket prior to the awards ceremony.

Are there any tips that would help my entry?

Include details of successful strategies or initiatives implemented in their role and how they have advanced the business. Judges are looking for bottom line impact and measurable business results. Have there been any notable changes to stakeholder behaviour? Have there been any operational outcomes that have had meaningful impact on productivity? How have they attracted and retained their team(s)? Share detail but be succinct. Please note that confidentiality will be respected at both HOSPA and amongst our judging panel.

Whom do I contact for ticket and entry inquiries?

Amanda Brown:

Whom do I contact for sponsorship enquiries?

Helen Marshall:
Helen Rhodes:

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