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Using AI to boost revenue and automation: real stories of success


Diving into their first-hand experience with implementing Artificial Intelligence, hoteliers will share their essential learnings and best practices in driving more direct bookings, enhancing guest experience and reducing staff workload. Learn how AI was used to reduce OTA dependency and streamline operations. Get advice on tackling challenges with hotel systems integration, and how to ensure your team adopts new technologies.



  • Alicia van Wyk, Marketing Project Manager, Lamington Group

  • Harjit Lalli, Digital Marketing Manager, Point A Hotels


  • Shaun Sequeira, Country Lead UK & Ireland, HiJiffy


Meeting the challenges of the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act

The Government’s new tips legislation is expected to come into force in early 2024 and will affect every hospitality business in the UK. In this workshop you will get the latest news and detailed overview of the rules and how WMT’s exclusive TroncBox software can help you navigate your new legal obligations.


  • Peter Davies, Managing Director, WMT Troncmaster Services Ltd.

Thinking beyond beds. Realise untapped revenue around your hotel

Could you be making more profit simply by selling the spaces around your hotel differently? The right technology could help you think differently and easily diversify your revenue streams.


  • Pooja Naidu, Senior Product Director, Mews

  • Naomi Heaton, CEO & Founder, The Other House


The next wave of revenue powering hospitality


In an ever-changing industry, hoteliers are looking for ways to drive growth and increase demand more than ever. So how do hoteliers identify the right priorities and develop a strategy to optimize revenue while keeping their competitive edge? In this session, you’ll learn how retailing is changing hospitality as hoteliers drive revenue beyond the room and how hoteliers can tap into the tools to provide operations efficiencies to Go Beyond.


Guy Barnes, Head of Sales Europe, Sabre Hospitality

Nick Jeffery, VP Sales International, Sabre Hospitality

Automating and Integrating the Hospitality Finance function

Join hospitality finance system specialists Percipient and a panel of industry finance professionals to discuss how they have transformed their finance function by automating and integrating key finance processes. When it comes to financial applications, the cloud offers compelling and unmatched advantages for deploying business software. Rather than continuing to invest in antiquated on-premise systems, leading hospitality organisations have turned their focus to cloud-enabled software, recognising the need for flexible and agile financial applications that are easy to integrate, configure and update. The panel will share their invaluable experiences and insights on how they’ve revolutionised their department, automating, saving time, and delivering value to the wider business. The session will conclude with a panel Q&A.


  • Tom Haley, CFO, The Other House

  • Chris Power, Finance Systems Manager, LGH Hotels Management


  • Chris Stock, Managing Director, Percipient


Cultivating loyalty. A vital tool for success in 2024.

Join us as we unpack the challenges around how hotels drive and maintain customer loyalty in the midst of ever-changing market forces and shifting consumer demographics. How can you unlock the power of predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs and deliver a tailored hospitality experience for your guests more profitably?


  • Anna Tarnovskaya, Pre-Sales Manager, SHR Group

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